Let’s talk Red lips…and Confidence


Don’t you feel like you’ve got the world’s confidence when wearing a red lip?? I do, I even feel fierce and sexy when wearing a red lip. Listen, let’s get this straight…make-up gives me confidence, I don’t care what anyone else has to say about this. Make-up makes me happy!!

A while ago I felt I never will be able to “pull off a red lip”… I just couldn’t. I felt uncomfortable like everyone will be “watching”, looking at my lips the whole time. (And then I constantly think there is something my teeth and can’t look them in the eye while I speak to them etc, etc, etc.) Like it too much “out there”… then I am not even talking about the maintenance. After every meal, coffee it should be touch-up, after every touchup I must ask my husband – is there any red lipstick on my teeth , lol! But all these problems is solved by the product I am going to chat about now-now…BUT first – let me take a selfie 🙂 🙂 We as woman are fierce, strong, independent lovable human beings…we can concur the world and achieve our dreams! YOU are worth so much more than what you think. And if you should apply a red lipstick to feel this confidence (like me), then so be it!

“She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear for the future”-proverbs 31:25

The red lipstick that inspired me to write this post is Infallible red nr.506 from L’oreal Cosmetics. Recently at a wedding,
where I did hair and make-up for my Bride, she wanted red lips…but her concern was – the touch-up process, the fact that it might wear off, will she be able to kiss her hubby (without him freaking out – like all our husbands do – when they have the red lip stain) etc. So I went on a journey testing red lipsticks…oh gosh I tried so many, from Colour Pop Cosmetics matte lippies to Mac matte lipsticks etc. (By this time I was used to the red lips on myself) Then I got introduced to L’oreal infallible lipstick. Oh my word!!! This product will stay on for days, it stains your lips, it does not move, you can drink, eat as much as you want this will stay on…plus you can smootch your hubby without him getting the red lip stain. So like every matte lipstick, your lips get dry by the end of the day, but it does have a lip-ice attached to it when you feel you need to apply. In my opinion, if you are looking for a long wear, non-smudge red lipstick this the best!infallible-2-Step-506-red-infallibleIMG_6026What the website says: http://www.lorealparis.com.au/cosmetics/lips/infallible-2-Step/109-blossoming-berry.aspx
“The 1st* longwear 2-step lip colour with hyaluronic gel for 24HR triple action.

– All day smoothness for colour that never dries
– All day hydration for endless comfort
All day resistance for colour that never fades

The combination of replenishing hyaluronic gel and high-intensity pigments, finished with an illuminating balm provide 24hr infallible colour, hydration and comfort for your lips.

Step 1: A priming applicator with micro-fill fibres smoothes lip grooves for super even coverage and three dimensional coverage in just one stroke.
Step 2: The Hyaluronic Gel balm keeps lips feeling moisturised for 24hrs”.

CLARITA TIPS on the perfect red lips : Give yourself a good lip scrub, I recommend Lush cosmetics (read my recent post here: https://claritasmit.co.za/blog/my-secret-to-soft-lips/). Then apply your Infallible 1 coat…wait till its dry before applying your second coat. It is now time to decide whether you want your lips to be glossy or matte. (Glossy= apply the lip-ice)

Confidence is sexy, wear it every day:)

Hope you enjoy this post, leave your comments below would love to hear from you,

Till next time



    • Hester-Heleen
    • August 10, 2016

    I love a bright red lipstick and cannot wait to try the Loreal infallible red lipstick. Thank you for great inspiration and tips that work!

    • Reply

      Thank you so much Hester, it means so much to me! I really hope you like it!!


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